• Gustavo Bernal Torres

10 Points Why Gender is Material to Investments in the Recovery

Criterion Institute has identified 10 economic patterns related to gender that are material to investors as they make COVID-19 response and recovery investments-

  • “The scope and magnitude of the economic and social impacts of gender inequality and the ways in which they are being exacerbated by the pandemic will change how companies, sectors, and markets perform”

  • It is well established that gender patterns have an impact on economic health and growth. Less well understood is how changes in these patterns translate into investment opportunity and risk.

  • Incorporating a gender analysis will enable investors to make more informed decisions to get to better outcomes. It will also enable governments and private investors to structure capital flows so that the sectors and markets we rebuild are more stable and equitable for all involved.

Source: https://criterioninstitute.org/resources/10-points-why-gender-is-material-to-investments-in-the-recovery


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