• Gustavo Bernal Torres

2021 Impact Fund Universe Report: A Market Map for Institutional Investors

From Phenix Capital a report providing insight into the evolving impact fund market, analysing trends in the allocation of impact capital across different themes, asset classes, SDGs and geographies from over 1,600 of the funds monitored by the Impact Database-

  • Investors continue to pour billions into sustainability-themed stock funds, making “ESG” one of the hottest trends in asset management. But new private impact funds worldwide raised just €10 billion ($12 billion) last year – less than 30% of the capital raised by new funds in 2019.

  • In a very challenging year for fundraising, the biggest strategies in the space continue to confirm the preferred sector allocation trends in recent years, attracting scalable institutional capital to renewable energy and climate-related infrastructure.

  • Over 2020, publicly-listed funds have produced positive returns and outperformed their own stated benchmark.

Source: https://www.phenixcapitalgroup.com/2021-impact-fund-universe-report & https://impactalpha.com/tale-of-two-markets-public-markets-esg-funds-roar-private-market-impact-funds-struggle/ (Registration required)


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