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A Methane Hunter Finds Leaking Gas That Threatens EU’s Climate Goals

A special infrared camera captured more than 70 plumes from pipes, oil fields and storage units operated by one of the European Union’s biggest oil and gas producers.

  • “It felt like every well in Romania is leaking,” said Turitto, who’s traveling around Europe with the 100,000 euro ($118,000) camera to track down fugitive releases. “Tanks were rusted out. It was impossible to document all the methane emissions.”

  • The EU is relatively free of the kinds of large-scale methane leaks that have been detected through satellite imagery in countries from Kazakhstan to Australia. Over the past two years, those bigger plumes — typically with emissions rates in excess of 5 tons per hour — have been spotted on only about a dozen occasions in Europe, compared with more than two thousand globally, according to estimates from geoanalytics firm Kayrros SAS.

  • “It’s literally under the radar”



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