• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Amplifying the “S” in ESG: Investor Myth Buster

The white paper is the result of a collaborative effort by the ESG Working Group, Refinitiv, International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC), White & Case, Eco-Age, The Mekong Club, and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), convened by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

  • Myth 1- Financial materiality: Social performance is less financially material than environmental performance

  • Myth 2- Starting point: It is too difficult to know how and where to start assessing social performance

  • Myth 3- Data: The “S” indicators are too hard to measure; there is no reliable and comparable data

  • Myth 4- Integration process: Qualitative surveys or questionnaires are the best method for tackling social issues and analysing the social aspects of performance

  • Myth 5- Relevance to investors: Integrating “S” indicators is only relevant for impact investors

Source: https://www.unpri.org/human-rights-and-labour-standards/amplifying-the-s-in-esg-investor-myth-buster/7719.article


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