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An "Extreme Heat Belt" Will Soon Emerge In The U.S., Study Warns

A new study reveals the emergence of an "extreme heat belt" from Texas to Illinois, where heat indices would reach above 52 degrees Celsius by 2053.

  • The findings come from a hyperlocal analysis of current and future extreme heat events published Monday by the nonprofit First Street Foundation. The new report is unique for examining current and future heat risks down to the property level across the US, and joins similar risk analyses First Street has completed for flooding and wildfires.

  • The report, which is based on First Street's peer-reviewed heat model, shows that the number of Americans currently exposed to "extreme heat," defined as having a maximum heat index of greater than 125°F, is just 8 million. However, due to the anticipated warming during the next three decades, that number is expected to balloon to 107 million people, an increase of 13 times over 30 years.



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