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Anti-Davos: The Worst Thing About Davos? The Masters Of The Universe Think They Are Do-Gooders

Will the world’s most cutthroat plutocrats and cold-blooded status-seekers stop trying to convince us they have a heart of gold?

  • Davos and similar conclaves can only be understood as performances. They are the stage upon which the Masters of the Universe act out the dramatic narrative of their own lives. They are exercises in mutual self-affirmation: we’re here, and we are important.

  • The only useful thing that happens at Davos each year is the release of Oxfam’s report on economic inequality, a document that always drives home exactly why Davos is a monstrosity. This year, Oxfam found that the richest 1% of people had pocketed two-thirds of all the wealth created in the past two years.



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