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Brands Are Starting To Add Carbon Labels To Their Packaging

Several companies are now offering consumers a way to see the full footprint of the product they’re using—but an accurate measurement can be hard-

  • On one side of a package from the indie beauty brand Cocokind, there’s a long list of sustainability facts laid out like a nutrition label. The product inside has a carbon footprint of 24.50 grams per use, it explains. It’s a carbon label, and the brand is one of several companies to begin using them.

  • “We were calling ourselves ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable,'” says founder Priscilla Tsai. “Those things are valid, but what they mean are obviously not regulated as they get thrown around more and more in the industry. We realized we can’t just use these words anymore, and we needed to be able to figure out, how do we measure this internally? And how do we communicate that, and make sure that the burden of education is on the brand and not the consumer?”



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