• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Current Leading Practices by Asset Managers on Responsible Investment

From responsible investment research NGO ShareAction research outlining the current state of real-life leading practice by asset managers on core ESG topics, including highlighting those with leading practices in various ESG areas-

  • ShareAction analysed the responsible investment practices of the world’s largest 75 asset managers across four topics: responsible investment governance, climate change, human and labour rights and biodiversity.

  • The new research is aimed at enabling asset owners to better assess the performance and practices of asset managers on key sustainability topics, and to guide their engagements with asset managers. The guide includes a series of suggested ‘next steps’ for the sector, such as voting policies that commit to supporting all independent ESG resolutions on a ‘comply or explain’ basis.

Source: https://shareaction.org/race-to-the-top-a-leading-practice-guide-to-responsible-investment/ & https://www.esgtoday.com/shareaction-highlights-leading-asset-manager-practices-on-esg/


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