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Deforestation Risks for Banks

Free online training programme ​developed as a part of the Good Growth Partnership, by UNEP-FI in collaboration with UNEP-WCMC.

  • This global training programme has been designed to help the banking community understand how deforestation-risk commodities in their investment portfolios contribute to their overall risk exposure and how to mitigate this exposure through investment in Nature Based Solutions (NbS).

  • Module 1 introduces the global deforestation issue within the broader sustainability agenda, and why it presents a risk to banks involved in the finance of agricultural commodity production and trade. Module 2 and Module 3 provide participants with more detail on how these deforestation-related risks can be identified, assessed and ultimately managed within a risk management framework, and presents some of the opportunities from supporting sustainable commodity production. Module 4 will focus on how Nature Based Solutions (NbS) can be used to mitigate land use risk.



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