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Deutsche Bank, DWS Raided by German Police in 'Greenwashing' Probe

The raid follows a whistleblower's allegation that DWS—majority-owned by Deutsche Bank—made misleading environmental claims in its 2020 annual report.

  • The Frankfurt public prosecutors' office said in a statement that the raid—which reportedly involved around 50 law enforcement officials—was "triggered by reports in the international and national media that the asset manager DWS, when marketing so-called 'green financial products,' had sold these financial products as 'greener' or 'more sustainable' than they actually were."

  • "After examination, sufficient factual evidence has emerged that, contrary to the statements made in the sales prospectuses of DWS funds, [environmental, social, and governance factors] were not taken into account at all in a large number of investments," the statement continued.



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