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ESG Investing Cries Out For Trained Finance Professionals

Sustainable finance is a growth area, but competing standards make it tricky to teach-

  • "what is often described as an “alphabet soup” of acronyms denoting the different forms of ESG evaluation and reporting — from SASB and GRI to TCFD and GIIRS — leaves companies and asset managers, as well as finance professors, scratching their heads."

  • “Companies are sinking in a sea of too much data,” says Colin Mayer, professor of management studies at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. “They are confused and irritated by the amount of information that they’re expected to provide.”

  • “There is student demand for this, but also all the asset managers come to us and say: ‘We have to run ESG funds, our clients want them, and we don’t have people who can run them.’ So there’s acute demand from the employer side.”



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