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EU's Green Deal

Europe beefs up Green Deal in response to Biden’s climate subsidies.

  • While there was praise for the U.S. effort to close the yawning gap on the Paris Agreement, there’s no doubt the bill has thrown down a gauntlet to Europe. EU leaders have shuttled back and forth for discussions with President Biden, and a joint taskforce is surveying the opportunities to finesse a bill that incentivises U.S.-based clean tech. But it’s clear that Europe has to find an answer to the challenge, which is already drawing investment decisions away from the continent.

  • This week the European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, set out more details of a Green Deal industrial plan to sharpen Europe’s competitiveness. The proposals aim to create a simpler regulatory framework, speed up access to finance, develop the skills needed for a green transition and promote global cooperation. They will be discussed by heads of government next week.



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