• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Every Election Is A Climate Election. The Midterms Were No Exception

That lack of climate focus is almost certainly a sign that aggressive steps to tackle global warming aren’t as controversial as they used to be.

  • A Pew Research Center survey in May found 58% of Americans thought the federal government was doing too little to combat the climate crisis. Among Democrats, that number was 82%. Even among young Republicans (ages 18-29), 47% said the Biden administration wasn’t doing enough on climate.

  • “The fact that Republicans were not running against climate change, I think was the single most telling thing in this election,” said Edward Maibach, director of George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication.

Source: https://www.latimes.com/environment/newsletter/2022-11-10/every-election-is-a-climate-election-the-midterms-were-no-exception-boiling-point


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