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Green Development Guidance for China's Belt and Road Initiative Projects

China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment has published the Guidance (formerly known as "Traffic Light System") to layout higher requirements for sustainable infrastructure investments overseas-

  • The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a massive global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government to invest in nearly 70 countries and international organizations. Morgan Stanley has predicted China’s overall expenses over the life of the BRI could reach USD$1.2–1.3 trillion by 2027, though estimates on total investments vary.

  • The guidance aims to explore the formulation of guidelines on the assessment and classification of BRI projects from the perspective of preventing ecological and environmental risks, provide green solutions for participating countries and projects, and support decision making for stakeholders.

  • The document includes project categorization of BRI projects, green lists (including solar and wind projects), red lists (including coal), yellow lists (including waste-to-energy), a project evaluation system, and recommendations for moving from "dirty to green" investments, such as strict environmental impact assessments according to international standards and grievance mechanisms.



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