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Hedge Funds Are Waking Up To ESG (And Hiring)

Re-badging senior investment professionals as 'head of ESG' is kicking the can down the road.

  • Most hedge funds in the market are either making their first ESG hires or are adding minimal resource to lean team structures. As such, unlike far larger ESG teams at institutional asset managers, these one or two hires often bear the weight of expectation from the business itself.

  • Whereas larger team structures tend to specialise their employees around integration, research and active ownership, hedge funds will more likely need candidates who are generalists. Not only generalists, but those who are capable of operating in a highly visible role with high expectations often reporting directly into the CIO or CEO of the business. These candidates must have exceptional communication skills, be able to manage conflict and push back from the business, which should be expected in the early adoption phase for most firms.



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