• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Here are 10 Ways Investors are Riding the Sustainability Wave into 2021

ImpactAlpha lists 10 sustainability calls for 2021, investors are looking forward to a feast of opportunities, starting with pandemic relief and moving on to climate action, racial justice, inclusive prosperity and more-

  • 1. Financial institutions are optimizing for sustainability, 2. Declining costs and cheap capital are propelling climate solutions to scale, 3. Climate competition is heating up, 4. Institutional and retail investors are shifting public markets toward ESG, 5. Tech leaders are on the hook for diversity investments, 6. Emerging-market companies are emerging as sustainability leaders, 7. Global development is going local, 8. Investors are recognizing that gender is material, 9. Accountability for impact could trip up some ESG darlings, and 10. As investors go ‘impact on,’ they are going to ImpactAlpha.

Source (Registration required): https://impactalpha.com/here-are-10-ways-investors-are-riding-the-sustainability-wave-into-2021


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