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Mapping Natural Capital Hotspots of Depletion

A new tool from PRI and UNEP-WCMC to map exposure to risks from natural capital depletion.

  • The maps are available through ENCORE, and aim to help financial investors identify where their portfolios could potentially be exposed to risks from natural capital depletion. This information can be used to inform the development of integration, stewardship and engagement strategies, and help the safeguarding of nature’s assets.

  • Depletion of natural capital stocks is occurring worldwide. The hotspots of depletion indicate where investors should be particularly mindful of the market, credit and operational risks associated with this loss. Those maps are a starting point, highlighting the need for a greater understanding of natural capital depletion, and its impact on society. They also indicate where investments can have a positive outcome by halting the loss through a transition to nature-positive activities.



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