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PRI Launches Redesigned Reporting Framework for Investors

A new redesigned framework for signatory investors to use in their annual reporting to the PRI regarding their responsible investment activities-

  • According to the PRI, the launch marks the culmination of a two-year process aimed at developing a framework that not only has more challenging reporting requirements, but is also simpler for signatories to report on, shorter and more consistent in its structure, and that delivers more flexible and meaningful reporting outputs.

  • The new simplified structure introduces “core” and “plus” questions:

  • Core questions, which make up the bulk of the framework, are mandatory to report on and are publicly disclosed and assessed. More responsible investment practices are also now captured in the “core” questions.

  • Plus questions are voluntary to report on and disclose and are not assessed. They are often open questions to give signatories an opportunity to demonstrate more advanced practices that might not as yet be widely adopted.



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