• Gustavo Bernal Torres

PRI's Investor Reporting Guidance

The 2021 PRI reporting cycle will go live in the week of 1 February for investors. Signatories are encouraged to start preparing for the reporting cycle the following guidance-

  • The scoring methodology for the 2021 Reporting Framework has been recalibrated to make assessment more challenging. Scores will continue to be confidential, and be provided per module or asset class, with no overall organisation score given.

  • Mandatory reporting modules include: Senior Leadership Statement, Organisational Overview, and Investment and Stewardship Policy (including climate indicators).

  • Reporting modules mandatory for organisations that invest in the asset class and meet the AUM threshold include: Manager Selection, Appointment, and Monitoring (SAM), and Asset Class Specific modules.

  • Voluntary reporting modules include: Sustainability Outcomes.

Source: https://www.unpri.org/reporting-and-assessment/investor-reporting-guidance/5373.article


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