• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Private Equity and Value Creation: A Fund Manager’s Guide to Gender-smart Investing

A new guide from the International Finance Corp. (IFC) and U.K. development finance institution CDC Group-

  • The guide provides fund managers with a road map to strengthen gender diversity within their firms, and incorporate a gender focus into investment operations.

  • It combines learnings from CDC and IFC’s experience with over 160 fund managers and draws on best practices with a series of case studies from stakeholders across the industry.

  • “Gender-smart investing is not only about counting women and men, rather, it is about how gaps between women and men influence business performance and thus the performance of investment funds."

Source: https://www.ifc.org/wps/wcm/connect/topics_ext_content/ifc_external_corporate_site/gender+at+ifc/resources/gender+smart+investing+guide


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