• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Proxy Season Round-Up: Unprecedented Shareholder Support For ESG Resolutions

Nearly three dozen majority votes highlight historic increase in shareholder support.

  • The Proxy Preview team today released highlights of the unprecedented 2021 proxy season, which saw nearly three dozen majority votes for disclosure and action on environmental, social, and sustainable governance (ESG) shareholder resolutions.

  • To date, there have been 34 majority votes for ESG proposals, shattering last year’s record of 21. More are likely by year’s end. Last year, only two votes broke 70%, while this year 17 did. Eight were in the 80s and six saw more than 90% support. Four of the six that received more than 90% were supported by management — a first for U.S. environmental and social resolutions. More importantly, other high-scoring proposals were opposed by management but still earned huge support.

  • The report includes a list of top votes political spending, climate and environment, diversity, COVID-19, sexual harassment, and racial justice.

Source: https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2021/06/24/record-breaking-year-environmental-social-and-sustainable-governance-esg


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