• Gustavo Bernal Torres

SASB's ESG Integration Insights – 2020 Edition

Case studies to help demystify how investors use ESG data and illustrate why they’re seeking improved information via SASB-based disclosure.-

  • SASB’s ESG Integration Insights series provides practical examples of institutional investors using SASB Standards to systematically and rigorously integrate ESG into their investment processes. SASB Standards have become a valued piece of market infrastructure used to evaluate ESG-related risks and opportunities.

  • The 2020 edition includes contributions from Generation Investment Management, Neuberger Berman, Partners Group, StepStone Group, Temasek, and Wafra.

  • The enclosed case studies, written by leaders at these investment companies, detail many of the ways in which their organizations use SASB Standards, including to engage with companies, analyze performance, and inform investment decisions.

Source: https://www.sasb.org/knowledge-hub/esg-integration-insights-2020-edition/


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