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Solar City: The Surprising Places You Will Find Solar Panels in Singapore

Singapore is now one of the most solar-dense cities in the world. Where are all these panels? They are on schools, petrol stations and even Supertrees.

  • Singapore’s solar capacity has grown from around 60 megawatt-peak (MWp) to over 630 MWp today. Under the Singapore Green Plan, the aim is to increase the solar energy deployment here to at least two gigawatt-peak by 2030, equivalent to powering around 350,000 households a year.

  • In the Central Business District, the Ocean Financial Centre* has one of the largest solar PV system for a high-rise commercial building in the area. This covers more than 400 sq m of roof space.

* This happens to be the building where our sponsor Invartis Consulting is headquartered!



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