• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Survey Reveals Cost of Climate Disclosure for Issuers and Investors

The new study explored the costs and benefits perceived by corporate issues and institutional investors of climate-related disclosures.

  • A survey commissioned by Persefoni and Ceres and undertaken by ERM, has revealed what organizations are currently spending to measure, manage, and disclose climate-related financial information. While these numbers represent a current and historical baseline, the cost of climate change disclosure will decline even further as more organizations move away from manual processes and leverage carbon accounting software.

  • The ERM survey found that, on average, corporate issuers are spending $533,000 annually on climate-related disclosure activities, while institutional investors are spending an average of $1,333,000 annually to acquire and analyze climate data to inform their investment decisions. These results are based on survey responses from 39 corporate issuers and 35 institutional investors.

Source: https://www.persefoni.com/newsroom/new-survey-reveals-the-actual-cost-of-climate-change-disclosure-software


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