• Gustavo Bernal Torres

Sustainable Investing Strategies Account for 30% of all SPACs

According to ImpactAlpha and Sustainable Research and Analysis, of the $171 billion raised by companies going public via special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, sustainable investing strategies account for 30%-

  • A very hot, some argue overvalued, market for SPACs may be attracting some sustainability-oriented investors. Commonly referred to as blank check companies, SPACs have two years to search for a private company with which to merge or negotiate an outright acquisition and in that way bring the company public.

  • The universe of SPACs, a pathway for private companies to list on major stock exchanges, consists of 533 entities with a combined deal value of $171 billion. As of mid-March, 163 of these, or 31% based on deal value, pursue business strategies that are aligned either partially or entirely with sustainable investing strategies.

Source (Registration required): https://impactalpha.com/sustainable-investing-strategies-account-for-30-of-all-spacs/


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