• Gustavo Bernal Torres

The Technologies That Are Transforming ESG in the Private Markets

Insights from an expert panel of private equity managers and technologists hosted by SuperTechnology North America to discuss the impact of technology on ESG-

  • Main discussion points and trends: Structuring ESG inputs, Automating ESG data collection, Regulatory vs. bespoke ESG models, Standardization of ESG metrics, Private market perceptions of ESG.

  • While the early days of ESG measurement in the private markets present some new challenges, the industry as a whole is enthusiastic about the trend and optimistic about its impact. Overall, private market participants see ESG reporting as a trend that will enable them to manage their money more effectively and gain more visibility into a historically opaque asset class.

Source: https://ihsmarkit.com/research-analysis/the-technologies-that-are-transforming-esg.html


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