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These are the Biggest Trends in Clean Tech in 2021, Investors say

With the many tailwinds propelling clean tech, Fortune asked climate investors what predictions they have for the space this year—including the hottest areas to invest in and the impact of accelerating corporate maneuvers to go green-

  • Climate goes full-on corporate. There has long been pressure on companies—from policymakers, investors, consumers, and many others—to adopt ESG and net-zero goals. But in the year ahead, climate investors expect to see a climbing number of companies committing to do their part.

  • The hot list: Hydrogen, mobility, agriculture. As climate investors will tell you, there’s now a cornucopia of areas where companies are working to improve the planet. As many of these burgeoning industries gain traction, investors highlight a few hot sectors that should only get bigger in the coming years.

  • ‘Green,’ but not inexperienced. A common thread among many of the conversations Fortune had with venture capitalists and strategists: Investors are seeing droves of entrepreneurs (and, often, very experienced ones) continuing to flood into the climate space.



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