• Gustavo Bernal Torres

U.N. ‘Race to Zero’ Campaign Toughens Standards for Company Net-Zero Plans

The UN-backed Race to Zero campaign, has updated its minimum membership standards. Among the new additions are requirements to end fossil fuel finance and lobbying which goes against climate science.

  • The campaign has updated its criteria for membership, following an international consultation that received more than 200 comments. The criteria come into effect immediately for new joiners, while existing participants will have 12 months to update their approaches if needed.

  • A note about this change in the campaign’s new implementation guide for the updated criteria states that “‘fossil fuel phase down and out’ does not refer to a single universal date for all entities and sectors, but should instead be aligned to a global, science-based, just transition”.

Source: https://esgnews.com/u-n-race-to-zero-campaign-toughens-standards-for-company-net-zero-plans/


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