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Unearthing Investor Action on Biodiversity

"Biodiversity will be one of the most important topics amongst the investor community by 2030."-

  • In this Responsible Investor study, Credit Suisse's Chief Sustainability Officer & Global Head Sustainability Strategy Marisa Drew evaluate how and to what extent investors are addressing biodiversity. While biodiversity has undoubtedly risen up the agenda in the investment world, this research, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, IUCN, and Zoological Society of London (ZSL), aims to investigate if this is translating into action.

  • Biodiversity is of increasing focus in 2021 as the world recognises that without significant steps towards change, it is losing animal and plant species at an alarming rate. However, are investors taking action to manage biodiversity risks and are they able to make investments supporting nature and wildlife? How confident are they in this area?

  • Download the report for free using 'BIODIVERSITY' as the promo code.



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