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Vanguard Commits $290 Billion of Assets to Be Net Zero by 2050

$290 billion, or 17% of Vanguard’s $1.7 trillion in actively managed assets under management, are invested in a manner that aligns with achieving net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

  • A portion of these assets is in actively managed ESG products with net-zero commitments as part of the product design. The identified assets also include actively managed funds without explicit ESG mandates that nonetheless align to net-zero objectives because of the existing philosophy and process used by the investment managers to maximise total returns for investors.

  • Separately, more than 70% of our equity index fund assets are invested in companies with emission-reduction goals. Vanguard manages more than $5 trillion in index equity assets, and according to data from MSCI that tracks company actions, over $1 trillion of those assets are invested in companies that have committed to net-zero targets.



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