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Where’s the Next Generation of Sustainability Talent? Consulting

Consultancies, large and small, are a superb training ground for your next hire — or maybe your future boss.

  • "Big consulting firms hire tens of thousands of people every year, early in their careers," Bruno Sarda, a Principal, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, at EY, told me. "It's an existential need to invest in their onboarding and development to ensure they can quickly ramp up and deliver quality work."

  • The consultancies, in turn, have staffed up with grads who can help clients decode not only SASB and TCFD, but also TNFD, GFANZ, CSRD and so on, Ellen Weinreb, CEO of Weinreb Group, an executive search firm focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility careers, told me recently. That makes them desirable potential employees to a broad range of companies, if and when they decide to exit consulting.



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